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About Us

The Quilt Inn is a historic property that was built in 1895.  It was the original parsonage for the First Presbyterian Church of Granbury that sat on the corner of Travis and Bridge St. The parsonage was built the year before the sanctuary, so I am sure it was also used for church services, where several of Granbury's founding fathers attended. 


In 1999, the church wanted to build a newer building in the spot where the parsonage was located next to the Church. Being interested in the preservation of Granbury's rich history, I bought the building and had it moved to its current location.  We worked for two years to return the building to its original look and feel.

In the years since, many groups have enjoyed its space and feel of history.

We hope to continue sharing this unique experience for years to come.

Come and join us!

The Quilt Inn is best suited for groups. ( Quilting, scrapbookers, needlework, bible studies, reunions, or just a fun girls' weekend!)

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